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5 freehours specialization "Film producer"
5 freehours
specialization "Film producer"


I want to study, but I am very busy. I am not sure that I will be able to watch the webinars on time. What should I do?
It does not matter whether you watch the webinars in "live" mode or recorded. You can watch them at any time convenient for you - even at night! After all, 80% of education in the "ABCFilmschool" is homework. You will write loglines, synopses, etc. After each completed task you will receive "feedback", you will correct mistakes and move on. This is the method of learning. The difference between the recorded and live broadcasts is that during the live broadcasts you can ask questions in chat, and when viewing the recording you can do it in a special closed Facebook group that you need to join. Write to us at and we will send you a detailed description of the education process. When you read it, you will realize that your employment will not prevent you from mastering the profession of a script writer with the "ABCFilmoshool" course!
I still cannot fulfill my potential in life. Why do you believe that I am able to be successful in the script writers' workshop?
Work, work and work again - that's the secret of success in the screenwriting craft. Persistent authors often win more than talented but less hard-working ones. This is not a "star profession", in which you can get in only "by back stair influence" or "sleeping your way to the top." If you feel the WORDS and are willing to work hard - you will be "like hot cakes.". You are guaranteed financial results! Of course, not everyone is sure to write a super-blockbuster. But indeed the script for a network series or TV show can potentially be created by each of our graduates!
What will I get upon completion of the ”ABCFilmshool”?
You will master skills of screenwriting and undertake an internship creating a log-line, a synopsis and a script of the first two episodes for a television series. Additionally, you will receive a certificate of the "ABCFilmschool" confirming the completion of the"Screenwriting" course. With the relevant agreements in place, we will also be your representatives and promote you as a potential participant in the script groups for real films and television projects. We will even offer your scripts to production companies for agency fees. Our partners creating network video content, make sure the job is offered to the best graduates at completion of the course.
Is homework compulsory to be done?
Of course, we cannot make you do homework. But without it, firstly, theoretical material will not be solidified. Secondly, you will not get "feedback" from our teachers. Individual communication with teachers or coaches is lined up through homework (the most interesting thing is to discuss your work with experienced professionals).Thirdly, all homework (your loglines and synopses) are checked by the editor, which you can read about downloading the program of the course. Getting real professional comments - what could be cooler?
I consider myself a creative person – what can you teach me?
Screenwriting guru, Robert McKee has written: "Talent without craft is like fuel without an engine, it burns wildly but accomplishes nothing". You'd be surprised how many laws and regulations there are in such businesses as screenwriting. which seems to only require creativity. Aristotle began to develop these laws.It was continued by Shakespeare, then Chekhov, but even in the 20th century playwrights and filmmakers have summarized their heritage in textbooks, enriching it with their own best practices. All these people have been working to solve just one problem: how to capture and hold the viewer's attention for one, two or three hours. You will find solutions to this problem!
What warrants can you offer?
The training program is "time-tested" many times in the offline and online mode. Our graduates indicate that the skills are mastered very effectively and it allows to commence the professional fulfilment by the completion of the course. Of course, some students will master these skills easier than others, but all students can accomplish success through perseverance and hard work. The level of professional skill is dependent on the degree of commitment to the course, lessons and independent work. We guarantee that the appropriate level of involvement in the learning process will help you to digest the "material" on the necessary level for professional activities in any case. So success and profitability will depend on you only!
You will. Everyone is capable of much, but they don't realise it. Organics of a human is limitless. Do not waste your time, do something. Make mistakes. And discover new dimensions, never stop. You have to! Otherwise, you will not understand what you are doing. Just by trying, you can develop yourself. The essence of the acting profession is in constant, continuous practice. Keep on going!
You aren't failing. It's just impossible to do everything at once. Little by little, discovering an acting career, you will become more accurate, more confident in every step. Patience. You have already succeeded. The "ABCFilmschool" differs from other educational projects because most of the lessons are focused on practice, and our teachers have individual approach to each student. Believe in your success - because you are moving towards your goal with the "ABCFilmschool." And your faith will be the guarantee of success.
Perhaps, during this course you will understand - why? Sometimes projects are not successful on the first try, it does not mean that you have to pull the plug on your dream. Among our examples there are projects that raised the required amount only the fifth time. We teach to analyse your mistakes to find and plan their own advantages, analyse the project advance. Don't give up! You will succeed.
It is impossible. But then, it does not mean that we should not try. However, sensible and structured planning for сrowd project significantly increases the chances of its success. This planning is taught by us. But to tell tales and assure you with unrealistic expectations is not our style. We work with real data, and it is impossible to PREDICT the success of the project, as well as in Hollywood until now nobody can predict box office of a new film.
When and how are lessons taught?
Lessons are held twice a week: in the evening on Wednesday or Thursday, and on one of the weekend days at 2 PM. Missed webinars will be sent to your mail, so don’t stress any lessons missed lessons. Before the lesson, you get link to a webinar and password by e-mail. Clicking link and entering your password, you see a page of the website, where you find the presentation materials, the screen with the teacher and chat for students to communicate with the teacher and each other. You watch and listen a lecture, ask clarifying questions, and in the end of the lesson the results of your homework are discussed and a new homework is announced.
What will happen after paying for training course?
Two emails will be sent to your email provided during payment: One is from the payment system for confirmation of payment, and the second one is from the "ABCFilmschool" in which we congratulate you on the entry onto the course and ask to write a little about yourself. In our letter there is an invitation to a closed Facebook group - where you'll find all the information about lessons, news of the course, homework, shorts, required for viewing before certain lessons, as well as some organizational details that are being discussing. You will be asked to familiarize yourself with the rules of participation in webinars, and shortly you'll get a link to the first webinar with a password to it.