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5 freehours specialization "Film producer"
5 freehours
specialization "Film producer"
Corporative education

Corporative education

In the context of fierce competition for the attention of the viewer's television stations, film studios and producers of digital content constantly have to compete on the talent market - for those professionals who are able to generate new ideas and formats, as well as make content cooler and cooler. High potential is also hidden in the team that has already been working for you - this potential is only to be unlocked through continuous training and professional development.

You can make a successful producer of talented editor, and the cool director of fashionable operator. And you can think about their "horizontal" growth in order to increase the impact of each creator being a part of your state. Choose one of our basic courses and get a significant discount on the group training of your employees! Or pose the task to us on creating a special course aimed at achieving exactly your goals. Our technology is very flexible - its flexibility allows you to build any educational program. You will receive what is done specially for you, but the quality of it will not be worse than time-tested courses.

Also, corporate educational programs of the "ABCFilmschool" may be useful to regional television companies and studios producing video material. You do not need to spend your money on your employees travelling to NYC or LA  - they can master all the skills and digest the knowledge remotely within our online programs that can be made due to your requirements and specifics. We can "build" a new course in a couple of weeks, and teach a particular group of your staff.

Write to us about your problems related to training and retraining of your staff. We will contact you and discuss possible ways of cooperation.