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5 freehours specialization "Film producer"
5 freehours
specialization "Film producer"

Acting online course at the "ABCFilmschool" is totally for everyone. Suitable from 17 years and up to... infinity, because if you start with children, children needed for the overall development - they just ring the changes in their life, they have a degree of freedom. Middle-aged people (up to and including forty years) are in the "second puberty", accompanied by questions like: "Oh my God! What to do next? Where should I run now and how to solve this problem? ". You shouldn't necessarily refer to the psychologists. They just "overwhelm" you, having received from you a lot of money. How can an acting course help you? This is emancipation and the solution for many human problems. People are simply engaged in acting, connecting to many aspects of the profession. For themselves they solve some vital questions they were puzzled with for a long time, and which they could not find the answer for: doing something, playing roles, trying on other characters. Studying acting opens a lot of different hidden talents - sometimes even "genius"!  In addition, passing the acting course you are starting to get answers to questions, which you never previously wondered about, because to live a life of another person, even to try to live out this life is to answer many questions. 
You take a character who is very worried about something, you try "to play" him to understand him. "Forty" age is also a period of a kind of "hanging up" when people fall into depression. "Why do I live?  Why am I dealing with this matter  all my life I wanted to do something else? Why something didn't work out? I want to be different. I want a spanking fine woman. Or I want a handsome man. But things aren't going the way I want. Little money "- the people asking these questions should choose the road to the "ABCFilmschool" to our course! Acting lessons promote relaxation, they lead to a "stabilisation" of thoughts, the person calms down by finding answers to their questions. All these things can be given in acting lessons. Analysing a role, a play, a concert etude you will encounter an incredible number of questions that must be answered. And if you do it - you suddenly become more balanced, more harmonious, start to live in harmony with yourself. You can even be out of doldrums! People of the "after forty" age are acting just wondering. It is interesting to touch the art, to the sacrament. Or perhaps you've always wanted to take part in the performance, in the film? Did you want to be an actor, a director, a professor? But your life was different, and the circumstances did not allow to do it. For these people a new, huge and beautiful world is open! For them - especially because they wanted-wanted-wanted for a long time - and then, finally, they touch this, discovering the new themselves.  After forty you can open the "new you" which is fantastic! Suddenly you can start a whole new life. With the other sense, the new wisdom. You are suddenly inspired by harmony having been unknown up to now! It's all about non-professionals. But for people with a professional acting experience, our remote online course of acting is a very important step in life - we will open to you NEW possibilities for your acting talent! 
Maximum number of pupils: 25 / Duration: 10 lessons
First of all, it is professional skill without which it is impossible to exist in the profession. The body of actor should always be in tone, a person should always do something, play, be in this profession. If the "tone" is reduced, absent or not supported, then the body of actor begins to "forget" a lot of important things, the actor ceases to ask himself questions that must be answered on a regular basis, in the analysis of each role. But the worst thing is that the body begins to be lazy. This generates the dilettantism. The body of an actor can  "dry out" and an individual will have to change profession. The "Organic state" of the actor is very delicate; perception of the world is ultra sensitive. And the loss of the profession for many people ends with personal tragedy. The body cannot withstand. Always keep your body in good shape, "load" it with work, professional growth - if a person is engaged in acting profession their whole life and wants to continue doing it. It is necessary to want! And to want means to be able to do. Our acting course will inspire you to want "more". And then to be able is to be capable of more! It is impossible to give a complete idea of what awaits for you on this course. We do not even tell you in advance how and what we will deal with during the next lesson. 
Because people start to think up something, certain expectations are giving rise, with which then you have to "fight", and in the end it turns out not that a mentor wish. Students of the course hear something in the course of a lesson and realise by themselves immediately - do they have a response to that, or not. It is important to hear what the mentor brings, because then to read it in books and textbooks is quite another. The task of a mentor is to "deep" into a profession, to get on with it! Acting course at the "ABCFilmschool" brings the desire "to be in the profession" constantly. It is the main professional skill that is constantly developing. It's like going to study to a driving school and then get behind the wheel and realise that "the rules are not necessary," because on the roads there are quite different rules, everything is different. Therefore, even though reading special literature certainly helps, without the constant training of the body is not possible to achieve good results. On definitely these aspects our course is built, and built according to the laws of "shock therapy". After all, very important things can be got out from stage or screen by only the person, who reached the absolute mastering of "professional skills".  
The exam
After the first webinar, a homework will be asked of you, the essence of it will be explained in this lesson. You will receive the analysis of your work from your mentors, then, both you and us will have the opportunity to decide whether to continue your studies. If you focus on the result in the form of some kind of role, involvement in the shooting and so on, and we see that throughout the 10 classes we will be able to "level you up" only to the level of "advanced amateur" - it is better to understand, as early as possible and save your money - it will be immediately returned to you. Our goal is not to receive tuition, but the achievement of a certain level of skill according to the results of education by every student. We are focused on the result as a real role - we want you to achieve success! To learn for the sake of learning is not our method.
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