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Crowd funding
5 freehours specialization "Film producer"
5 freehours
specialization "Film producer"

This course is exceptional, it has no analogues. Because, despite the fact that by now, crowd funding has been "in trend" during the last 4 years, its experts, except the employees of crowd funding platforms, are very few. We have found a couple of such unique "units". 
Crowd funding allows to raise funds for the realisation of some very expensive movie ideas. But strangers will believe in your idea, decide to vote for it with their money, giving you the opportunity to realise your creative dreams if the crowd funding project is planned, calculated, developed, designed, described and presented properly. And then it should be properly represented on social networks, other online sites, perhaps - by mass media ... It is so easy to get confused ... scared, and put an end to the collection of money. Wrong! In order for you to not lose, we have prepared this course of 6 sessions, during which we examine all rules, laws, traps and pitfalls, mistakes and successful discoveries of the crowd funding in the movie field in great detail!
Maximum number of pupils: 25 / Duration: 6 lessons
You will not just get comprehensive theory on the preparation and carrying out of crowd funding movie project, but you will really prepare your project. A real one. Pitch it, describe, think through the strategy of rewards for sponsors who will agree to give you money. You will train in the persuasion - to sell your ideas. On crowd funding platforms people around the world are collecting means to realise their dreams - they succeed indeed! And you will succeed, if you do your homework and listen carefully to our coaches. 
Well, moreover you will also practice with "guinea pig". As a "guinea pig" in the course will be... Gogol. Yes, the very same. He performs very well and efficiently. For you he is efficient. Even here he has something to teach you. So, if you want to understand what you will learn, which skills you will master, how to use that new knowledge to be able to find the money to shoot the film, and how does Gogol come into the picture? Download the program and sign up for the course which still has no analogues!
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Course price: 149 USD