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5 freehours specialization "Film producer"
5 freehours
specialization "Film producer"


There are millions of hours of movies and TV series, TV shows and radio programs, digital videos and colourful events, presentations and celebrations created every year. They all begin with scripts that so few people are able to create that they are constantly hunted by script bureau and producers, luring them from each other. The "Screenwriting" course is the first and most popular course at the "ABCFilmschool". We teach to create stories that can capture the attention of the audience on screens of all sizes - from huge cinema screens to television and computer ones. At least half of success of a film is due to the quality of the script. We believe in the paramount importance of a good script and help beginners to master the basic skills of writing.
Maximum number of pupils: 50 / Duration: 10 lessons
Justin Williams
His credits as a producer include BEHOLD MY HEART, STICKY NOTES, I'LL SEE YOU IN MY DREAMS starring Blythe Danner, Sam Eliot and Malin Ackerman
Olga Lesnova
Education: New York Film Academy. Owner of the grant n.a. Sergey Bondarchuk senior. The producer of “Chef” by John Favreau.
The first "screenwriting" course  at the "ABCFilmschool" was free of charge because our goal is to create a pool of authors (50-100 people) trained by us to work on major projects for TV and Internet companies. Without their preparation with own strength, we would not get the pool of these authors. And you, the authors are very much needed by us - prepared and trained! However, the free course did not prove to be effective - people tended to not be serious with their studies. It was also not productive when students "disappeared" after courses. In order to not waste our invested energy, we have introduced a fee, which increases the motivation of students to master the entire course from beginning to end, bring "A" game in the process of learning and doing homework. Upon completion of training we can sign an  agency agreement, which will engage us in selling your scripts if, of course, you were studying not only to write your for your own personal film (as some of our students do), but also to provide additional source of income in the new professional field. The webinars in "Screenwriting" course provide only 20% of the success of the teaching and learning activities. 

The rest is the work between them, creating loglines, synopses, editing them for our part and the feedback. The main essence of the study is to write, write and write loglines, synopsis, scripts as our guides will teach in video tutorial. And our task is to correct your mistakes, to edit, to explain to you and modify your work. We are directing your professional growth. Just creating loglines, synopses, treatments, scripts with your own hands and getting feedback from us you will get the education for which our screenwriting course is designed. You can watch webinars not only live, but also at night and in the morning, and on weekends - whenever it is convenient for you. If you have questions while watching the recording of the webinar, you can ask them questions in a facebook group, and there will be answers from us - they will also be provided for those who are too shy to ask these questions during the lecture. You do not need a lot of time doing homework: logline is one line, advanced logline is three lines, synopsis is one page and scripts are written after the training during the Practice -  there will be no time limits for that, and you can choose the most convenient mode for you.
The exam
After the first webinar, you will be asked to present your Story Idea by the rules, which will be explained in this lesson. You will receive the analysis of your work from our editors, and then you and us will have an opportunity to decide whether you continue your studies. Perhaps "Screenwriting" is not the course that you need. It is better to understand, as early as possible and save your money because it will be immediately returned to you, should we find this course unsuitable for you. Our goal is not to receive the tuition fee, but the achievement of a certain level of skill by every student on the basis of learning. We are focused on results in the form of actual scripts and films of our graduates - we want them to achieve success! Learning for the sake of learning is not our principle.
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Course price: 399 USD