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5 freehours specialization "Film producer"
5 freehours
specialization "Film producer"
Any student of the 'ABCFilmschool" wherever they are and whatever they are occupied with can master the skills of screenwriting or cinematography, directing or producing for little money and in a comfortable mode through the Internet. The main difference of the "Filmschool" from other online educational projects in the field of audiovisual work is the emphasis on practical training rather than theoretical courses that are available today on many other platforms, including YouTube.
It was amazing!!! Thanks for kindness and generosity!
Talking about the structure of course, lectures and scope – all of these worthy to be praised
Alex Slinchenkov
director of cinema, 41
Special offer
Physical disability is not creative self-realization barrier. Online courses are the best format of training for you! The "ABCFilmschool" gives you an education in any course!
Special offer
Do you have an idea of the series or the movie, but before you start working on the script you want to know how your idea is cool? Together we will analyze your plan!